Paris, the City of Lights, the birthplace of luxury, and the home of Adyen’s French office.

The world is our office

Our careers are not defined by our location. At Adyen, each job has a global element and that's what we like. Travel is integrated into almost all positions and collaboration is essential. If your latest project takes you to Amsterdam or Singapore, so much the better. Sometimes the opportunities don't come to you - you have to go after them. 

A platform on the roof of Paris

Located on the rooftops of Paris Madeleine, our offices have been designed so that everyone can flourish there. Meeting rooms designed to the emblematic districts of the capital, living spaces worthy of the most beautiful Parisian cafes, everything comes together to transform the place into a great place to work.

Working with the flagships of French industry

We work with the legacy brands as well as with young companies that are revolutionizing the world and consumer. Our French customers shape their industries - think Deezer, Showroomprivé, and Lunettes Pour Tous - we are by their side, supporting them in their development.

At the service of French merchants

We have been working hand in hand with French companies for almost 5 years in order to support them in their influence, both in France and abroad. For us, celebrating team victories is more important than ego. The real benefit for Adyen is to see our customers grow and expand into new markets, while maintaining this relationship of trust and transparency. 

Ownership of your career
Healthcare and dental care

Local perks

Yearly trip to HQ in Amsterdam
Public transport at company charge
Gym subscription
Pension plan
Delicious healthy lunches
Paris city center office


21 Boulevard de la Madeleine, 
75001, France
T: +33 1 76 35 07 90


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