The Adyen Formula

The way we work is guided by the eight principles of the Adyen Formula. It keeps us moving with speed and autonomy across teams, regions, and time zones.


Let's break it down:

We build to benefit all customers

We build to benefit all customers (not just one)

We’ve developed our financial technology platform in-house from the ground up to benefit a broad segment of customers. We don’t build one-off solutions or do temporary quick fixes.

We make good choices to build an ethical business

We make good decisions and consider the long-term benefits for our customers, Adyen and the world at large

We play the long game. We focus on long-term success, not only for our customers and ourselves but also for the world around us.

We launch fast and iterate

We launch fast and iterate

An integral part of the way we work is speed. We have a culture of continuous learning that allows us to maintain momentum without compromising quality.

Winning is more important than ego

Winning is more important than ego; we work as a team - across cultures and time zones

We work as one team, no matter the time or place. It’s not about who did it, but what we did together.

We don’t hide behind email

We don’t hide behind email, instead we pick up the phone

We talk to each other. And when in doubt, we opt for direct communication. We spend less time deciphering nuances and tone and more time doing meaningful work together.

We talk straight without being rude

We talk straight without being rude

We say what needs to be said - honestly and respectfully. Direct communication helps us maintain speed and invites everyone's ideas and perspectives, helping us work better as a team.

The Adyen Formula: We include different people to sharpen our ideas

We seek out different perspectives to sharpen our ideas

Seeking diverse opinions helps us see problems and solutions from angles we might not have considered. We surround ourselves with diverse perspectives that challenge us and actively ask for constructive feedback to listen and learn from each other.

We create our own path

We create our own path to grow toward our full potential

The problems we are solving for our customers are often industry-firsts. We have no set path to follow, so it's our job to make it. This gives us license to think creatively, take ownership of our development, and create lasting impact.