The Adyen Formula

At Adyen, our way of working is guided by the Adyen Formula, a set of eight company values that have remained constant since our founders created them. This formula unites us across countries and departments, enabling us to function as a global team as we build for the future of Adyen.


Let's break it down:

We build to benefit all customers

We build to benefit all customers (not just one)

We've built a comprehensive financial technology platform from scratch, working closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their needs. With our unified commerce capabilities, we process payments in real-time and have complete control over payment flows.

We make good choices to build an ethical business

We make good decisions and consider the long-term benefits for our customers, Adyen and the world at large

We've had a long-term vision since day one and it permeates everything we do. From our customer relationships to our hiring practices, we never cut corners or make compromises.

We launch fast and iterate

We launch fast and iterate

An integral part of the way we work is speed. Technology moves fast, and our customers’ ambitions move even faster. We create and launch quickly, always working on projects in real time while integrating continuous feedback.

Winning is more important than ego

Winning is more important than ego; we work as a team - across cultures and time zones

Our focus is not on individual contributions, but rather on the collective achievements of our team. By working together, we can achieve more and provide the best solutions and services to our customers.

We don’t hide behind email

We don’t hide behind email, instead we pick up the phone

Emails are easily misinterpreted – we prefer to call and talk directly to each other. It leaves little room for misunderstanding and enables us to make decisions and move quickly.

We talk straight without being rude

We talk straight without being rude

Giving and receiving feedback productively is crucial to our success. This open and honest approach leads to more efficient problem-solving, enabling us to move forward faster.

The Adyen Formula: We include different people to sharpen our ideas

We seek out different perspectives to sharpen our ideas

Our company is made up of incredibly diverse talent from different backgrounds. From the beginning, our founders have encouraged people to bring their different views forward, resulting in a collaborative and innovative work environment.

We create our own path

We create our own path to grow toward our full potential

We forge our own paths, often taking unconventional routes, and remain receptive to fresh ideas. Our optimistic and cooperative mindset propels us forward.